Beating the 49ers, Anxious for Sunday

I’m so happy the Seahawks are in the Super Bowl!

I’m excited for the game, but I’m also a little nervous because I want it so bad for the Seahawks and for Seattle. I always get nervous like that watching somebody else compete in a sport. When I’m on the line, getting ready to run, I don’t feel like that. I always feel well-prepared and ready. But it’s different when you’re a spectator.


Being at the NFC Championship game was really crazy.

My friend LaTanya’s husband plays for the 49ers, and she told me that she was going to sit in a box with another one of her friends whose husband plays for Seattle. Allyson Felix is a 49ers fan, so she and I ended up getting tickets at the last minute. We met LaTanya for breakfast at the team hotel, and then went to the game together.

That morning by the hotel, there were 49ers fans everywhere. Even the night before, when we went out downtown, there were a lot of 49ers fans. But when we got to the stadium, it seemed like there were no 49ers fans. You’d see clusters of them here and there, but there were so many Seahawks fans that it was overwhelming. Even before the game, it was like the whole city was out there.

Allyson had on her 49ers hat. I didn’t think she would get picked on too much. I even told her she would be fine because she didn’t have that much 49ers stuff on. I thought she would be safe, because, first off, she is a girl, and second, she was with me, and I had all my Seahawks stuff on.

But everywhere we walked, people kept saying little things to her. It was mostly friendly. But people were still chastising her at the game. The people in front of us, they were a little more rowdy Seahawks fans.

The fact that they were saying things at all wasn’t something I’d seen before, even in college. The pro fans are — I don’t want to say die-hard, because I feel like everybody who goes to SC, if you don’t know anything else about the USC, you know that they love their school. I guess it was just on a different level.

But I was impressed with how the whole entire city of Seattle — and I’m not exaggerating — the ENTIRE city of Seattle, just came together for the Seahawks.


Everything was Seahawks themed the entire week leading up to the game. All the tall buildings had Number 12s on them, either shaped in lights or on posters and flags. They had Blue Friday, where everyone in the city wore team colors to work or school.

Inside the stadium, everybody was super energetic and very into the game. I honestly felt like I was at the Super Bowl. I felt like that game was huge — for not just the Seahawks, but for Seattle as a whole.

There were times in the beginning of the game where I was kind of quiet after the San Francisco took the lead. San Francisco really can play, to be honest. That game could’ve gone either way. I was very nervous. So there were times when I was just sitting there, biting my nails on the edge of my seat and watching Allyson cheer excitedly, and I would give her a look. Every time one of us would cheer, we’d give each other a look, like playing or laughing.

I thought that the Seahawks had the game sealed up when Pete sent the kicker out on fourth down and then pulled him back, ended up going for it, and they got the touchdown. I felt like that changed the momentum of the game for Seattle.


Then after that, when the Seahawks got to the one-yard line, I thought we had it. We score there, and that would be the game. But Marshawn Lynch fumbled the ball, and the 49ers recovered it.

I was like, “Oh no!”

But we still had the lead. Even when the 49ers had it on that last possession, I was confident because the Seahawks defense is so good, I felt like we would stop them. But San Francisco kept getting down the field. Colin Kaepernick was running all over the Seahawks at times. I thought he was doing a little more running than he should have been as a quarterback. But the Seahawks stopped them at the end. That’s all that matters.

It was honestly incredible to watch them celebrate after the game. I’ve mentioned this before in other blog entries, but I just feel like I have a closer connection to a lot of guys on the Seahawks coaching staff who were at USC when I was a student there: Pete Carroll, Ken Norton Jr., and the strength coaches, Chris Carlisle and Jamie Yanchar.

To see all those guys celebrating like that, it just felt like SC all over again. A lot of Trojans still claim Pete as our coach, as a Trojan. He coached a lot of places before he came to us, but he’ll always be a Trojan. I saw a lot of people who went to SC on my Twitter timeline and Instagram saying all kind of great things about Pete, still calling him a Trojan, basically, and claiming, the Seahawks because of him.


You can’t change what Pete did at USC. Those were some of the best years in USC football. I think Pete is a Trojan forever. He’s creating some of the best years now in Seattle, so I mean it’s kind of like a win-win, certainly for me.

After the game, everybody was screaming. I’m not going to lie, I was too. We were walking down the ramp, leaving the game, and I was like, “Seahawks!” yelling with the rest of the fans. They were doing these little chants where somebody would yell out “Sea!” and then everybody yells “Hawks!” People were doing that any and everywhere after the game. I was right along with them.

Oddly enough, I’ll be in Paris for the Super Bowl on a trip with some friends from Seattle. It’s a trip we planned months ago, but we’re all die-hard Seahawks fans, so we’re actually bringing our Seahawks gear to Paris. We’ve already been doing our research trying to find somewhere to go watch the game.

My friend said one of her co-workers was telling to her about some little spot in Paris where a lot of the Americans who live over there go. So I’m sure they’ll probably show it there. Paris is six hours ahead of the East Coast, so it’ll be after midnight when the game starts, but there’s no way we’re going to miss it.

Go Seahawks!

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