A Special Day

Giving back and using her status as one of the nation’s elite athletes to make a difference means the world to Ginnie Crawford.

That’s why Ginnie has been happy to give her time to Athletes for Hope, a nonprofit organization that brings athletes together, to educate, inspire, and empower them to make a difference in the world.

Through Athletes for Hope, Ginnie and some of her training partners visited Mattel Children’s Hospital on Wednesday to spend time with some of the kids and help them with arts and crafts. (Ginnie and Joanna Hayes, pictured above, visit with Destiny, a pediatric patient at Mattel Children’s Hospital).

During the visit, they made medals for each of the kids and showed off some of the medals that they had earned in competition.

“It was emotional,” Ginnie said. It made me feel thankful that I’m in a position that I can put a smile on someone else’s face just by taking time out of my day to sit with them and spend time with them.”