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Feeling Strong as Outdoor Season Approaches

21st March

It’s starting to heat up out here on the West Coast and I’m really starting to feel like it’s that time as we get ready for the first outdoor meets of the season next month. My body reacts to that change and it starts to feel like it’s ready.

The offseason went by really quick. I’ve been training for a couple months now, but to be back in a race all of a sudden, felt quick.

During indoors, I ran the 60-meter hurdles, so it’s a little different than the 100, but I don’t really prepare any differently. Actually, we didn’t even do much hurdling in training before I went out for the three meets I ran in. We don’t put much focus on indoors, so we were training straight through the meets. The races are more of a way to break … Read More »

Back to Work

16th January

I’ve been back on the track for about a month now, and it feels like I never left. We started training in early December, and after a few weeks, I feel like I’m right where I need to be, and I’m building a great base.

I’m honestly doing a little better than I thought I was going to do. The first two weeks of training are just so grueling you almost feel like you’ve never run track before, after sitting for the offseason and trying to get back into the groove of it. It’s hard to get back into that routine of going hard, and tiring your body out every day. But after a week or two, you fall right back into place. That doesn’t mean the workouts get any easier, though.

I’ve made a few changes in my training going into … Read More »

Living Unstructured and Loving It

4th October

One of the best parts of the offseason for a track and field athlete is living without that day-to-day structure that you have during the season.

I don’t have to live on a structured planned out schedule for these few months. My time is my own. I’m able to eat and sleep whenever I want to. I can take a nap. I can stay up late and sleep in. It’s pretty nice. Some days I’ll just lay around for a few hours catching up on TV shows that I missed while I was traveling during the season. I’m just going to enjoy it.

I went on a little trip to Miami last week with a few of my friends. We just wanted to go and relax out there on the beach to kind of unwind. I also have another trip coming up … Read More »

Looking Back, Moving Forward and Celebrating a VMA BDay

22nd September

I’m coming off one of the most successful track seasons of my career. Pushing aside what happened at Trials, it was a pretty good year for me.

When I missed out on the Olympics, I never would have imagined the rest of my season going as well as it did. In those first few days after Trials, I was questioning whether I would ever be successful at this. It was in that next race I ran in Paris on July 6th that things clicked and it was different. I ran a season’s best that day, a 12.59. It was my best time since 2007.

It wasn’t the fastest time, but at that moment, given where I had been emotionally those few days before, I was so appreciative of it. Even though I didn’t win that race, it was probably my best meet … Read More »

Watching the Olympics and Finding Motivation

7th August

Shawn and I have been spending some time watching the Olympics, but it’s tough. He didn’t really realize how disappointing it was going to be until the opening ceremonies came on. He started feeling a little down watching that.

I didn’t watch the opening ceremonies at all, I just saw people tweeting about it. But if it’s something that upsets you, you have to just turn it off and that’s what we did. I got over it though and caught up on some stuff last week.

Since track and field started, I’ve been watching a lot more. I don’t think I could stay away if I tried. I don’t want to be a sore loser. But I think I speak for everybody who isn’t there when I say you can’t help but have a bit of bitterness to you. We were all … Read More »

Training Partners and A World Class Coach

19th June

I’m getting ready for the U.S. Olympic Trials here in a few days. It’s an exciting time.

Whenever I run an individual race, all I’m thinking about is that race, and what I’m trying to work on at that time. When I’m in a race, I’m in that moment. I’m ready to go, and I know that I have to make this race a good one and execute properly to come out with a good time. My mindset is to live in the moment and take that moment in, but once it’s gone, I’m ready to get back to work on fixing things or racing again.

My long-term goal is to compete in the Olympics and win gold there, but that’s still too far ahead to think about before each race. It does help me when I’m training and doing day-to-day workouts, … Read More »

Feeling Strong and Gaining Confidence

6th June

I’m pleased with where I am so far this year and I can’t complain about the results. I competed in three meets and got better each time. My last race was a win and that felt good.

I ran the same time each of my last two races, a 12.66. The first one was in Saint Martin, where I took second place. I was kind of surprised after that one. I felt a little fatigue before and I wasn’t really sure if I ran that fast. But when I ran a couple days later in the Cayman Islands, I felt very good. I felt as fast as I ran and I think I could’ve even gone a little faster if I put a couple pieces together toward the end.

But to finish up that group of meets with a win at Cayman … Read More »

Out in the Community

18th May

I love getting out in the community and doing whatever I can to help others.

Just recently I was part of a six-week program called Run With Us conducted by the USA Track and Field Foundation. Every week for six weeks we went to John Muir Middle School in Los Angeles to teach kids about fitness, nutrition, eating healthy and living an active lifestyle.

It was an interesting program. It was the first time that USA Track and Field has done the program, so it was new for everyone. It was cool to be one of the first people to implement this in schools.

I think the kids learned a lot and we left a good impression on them for the most part. We got into conversations with them about school and grades, going off to high school and college, so it was … Read More »

Preparation and Recovery

10th May

We’re a few races into the season now and I feel great physically. Being healthy just gives me a lot of confidence that I can get back to the times I was running before I got injured. I can hit those times I did when I was coming out of college and even go faster. I’m able now to push my body to the limit.

Injuries are something that comes along with this sport. It can happen to anybody. I’ve seen many great hurdlers or athletes period be setback by injuries. You can be having a really promising season and injuries will just totally shut you down. It happens it can make you have to come to a complete spot, that’s the unfortunate part.

There are definitely things you can learn from being hurt. It’s a little hard sometimes to watch your … Read More »

Let’s Get it Started!

25th April

The 2012 outdoor season is underway!

I’ve done a couple of relays, but my first individual event of the season is on May 1st in Guadeloupe. I’m still not sure how many events I’ll be running before Olympic Trials but I’m looking to do at least five meets between May and July.

Those meets are important as I get ready for trials. You want to use those races and your training to try and peak for trials. It’s a chance to get in race shape, get the race down and get your race patterns under control so you can peak at the right time.

Going into this year, I consider every American hurdler my competition. Our trials are tougher than the actual Olympics. I’m going to have to get through a great caliber of girls just to make the Olympic team.

Being around so … Read More »

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